The Best of Each

“My sister and her family are visiting us and our parents from Argentina! Let’s have a photography session, so that we can each hang a piece of art of all of us together in our homes! But… with five grandchildren, how are you going to get everyone smiling??”

Honestly? I’m not.

But if you are going to admire a piece of art every day in your home, and pass it down, it should show every single person at their best. That’s why each piece is a carefully constructed custom art piece. Before, and after:

Can you count the changes? Comment below!

These were some of the sweetest kids. Sam’s smile pushed me over the edge. But you know the drill: out of routine, something chaotic and exciting and new, kids feel and show every moment of it. That’s why it’s my job to show the BEST of each precious human.

Soon, these will look like this on their walls!

(Unedited images in gallery designs)

(Unedited images in gallery designs)

The Grandkids

Coming this week to your wall, Tracey!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 1.41.48 PM.png

I can’t wait to hang this metal of your angels with you.

…And see how your mom is loving her gallery down in Florida! Capturing cousins is magical.

Powerhouse Couple, Indoors and Out

Did you see that video where I was losing my mind about shooting in the new Shayna Image Studio/Compound?

“How’d that go?,” you wanted to know.

Laura and Craig Lerman, a realtor and lawyer respectively, each needed new headshots but desired different looks. So we captured Craig in the studio…

…and for Laura we stepped outside…

It was incredible to be able to get two very different looks in the same space in the matter of minutes.

My big takeaway from this shoot, was that although my chic french doors and ring doorbell haven’t yet been installed, I should still guide clients to the private side entrance to the studio. Otherwise, coming in the front door, they might be busted by my little ones, and then we get a “helper” for the session, who should be in bed.

Laura Lerman-1674.jpg

Lesson learned. Fortunately for me, Laura and Craig are seasoned parents of six who totally embraced it. Laura kept calling MS her “fashion consultant,” and my daughter ate it up.

Laura is loving Real Estate, and you should learn more about her at and on Facebook.

Craig is a Law powerhouse, working with businesses, corporations, and estates. Please visit and follow him on Facebook as well.

The Marriage Maven

Kayla and I met through our dear friend, Danit. Years later, when she learned my family yearned to move to her neighborhood, she urged us to consider her street. We would be friends! Our kids would be friends! Two days later, she and her family decided their next steps were living in Israel. So we are not neighbors. We bought her house instead.
Kayla is the genius behind the podcast, “First Year Married.” She fills you with warm, interesting tidbits and fantastic ways to reexamine situations. She also takes coaching clients. And you need not be in your first year of marriage to grow with her! Before moving, she inquired about a branding session for her business. It was beautifully full-circle that we were able to complete her session at our home.
Check out First Year Married at, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

House a Home

We moved! One by one, we’re tearing through the boxes, putting things in their new spot, and figuring out what has yet to be found. Settling in. For me, what transitions my new house into my new home is putting the family art up on the walls. So while I have much more to go, tonight we decided to begin to make our mark on our space.

These are images printed on matte standout metals, and assembled from two different family sessions.

The perfect wall.

The perfect wall.

Centered and designed.

Centered and designed.


Just a hundred pictures left to go!
Another step closer. The transformation is incredible.


She has my dining room table.
I have her moving boxes.
You know those insta-friends? The people who explode into you life and you know it was for good reason, even before you know each other?
When nearly a year ago, I photographed her family, and didn’t want to leave afterwards, I knew.
Melissa is a talented and gifted woman with a Maharat degree from Yeshivat Maharat, a job in Jewish Camping at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, and a smile that looks like this:

Melissa SG Headshots-June 25, 2019.jpg

Now you know you want to be friends with her, too.
We each were actually having really horrible days. I am so grateful for the time we had capturing these in my back yard. It was needed respite.

A peek into a consult...

Yesterday’s pre-shoot consultation was AMAZING!! Want to know what happens at one of these?

We had spoken on the phone so that I could learn about the client, her goals, and then review her options and pricing. Then we scheduled for me to come over.

I showed her all the goodies. She was interested in glossy metals, but wondered if I could produce something that would flow with another gallery she already had.

Oh, you mean a wood-mounted print? Like this?

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 11.09.14 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 11.21.34 AM.png

No problem.

We discussed the image combinations she desired: one with the whole extended family, individual families, grandparents with grandkids, and individual kids.

She showed me what they plan to wear, and it’s PERFECT. The color scheme of blue, white, and black will be phenomenal in her space! The girls’ dresses poof and move and show light and I can’t wait!!

Then I took pictures of her walls where she wanted prints, and measurements. That way, once we finish her shoot, she can see on my computer exactly what her images will look like in her home, on her walls!

I swiped her cc for retainer, and then packed up. But of course, we really hit it off. So we talked. Because one of the best things about my job is the new friends that come along with it!

What to Wear Part 3

Two Fridays ago, I mentioned that I like thinking about styling a client in one of three categories:

  1. Classically breathtaking

  2. True to you

  3. Designer’s dream

In Designer’s Dream, your focus is on your finished product and how it interacts with your space. Is your style modern? minimalist? shabby chic? nautical? Do you have prominent colors that echo through your space? Do you want a piece of art that not only features your family, but compliments you home style?

You are looking for fabrics with movement and texture. Everyone doesn’t need to precisely match one another nor your room, but should be in complimentary color groups. When we design your shoot, I can guide you into the color group that is flattering both to you AND your room!


On Thursday, my children dressed up for my daughter’s kindergarten graduation, and I had to whisk them outside to capture the occasion. Before I had children, I would sometimes see images from friends’ preschool graduation ceremonies, and scoff, “That’s not a REAL graduation.” I had no idea the tremendous emotions that would accompany each milestone.

Chaya Mushka Children’s House took in my toddlers starting 5 years ago, and have provided a home of love, guidance, structure, and inspiration. They recognized the individualized strengths in each, and paved and beautifully individualized path. My family is heading in a new direction, and while they will not be by my side, they will be at the core of who we are.

I watched my daughter cross the stage with poise and confidence, reflecting on when I wore her as a baby only a blink ago, and trying desperately to look “fine.”

What to Wear Part 2

Last Friday, I mentioned that I like thinking about styling a client in one of three categories:

  1. Classically breathtaking

  2. True to you

  3. Designer’s dream

Today, let’s think about #2: True to you. While Classically Breathtaking evoked emotion in the way of timeless artwork, True to You is painting a picture of who you all are, right now. You want your personalities to shine. Bold fabrics, colors, and textures that are just a step up from what you wear every day. Stay away from logos or graphics that will draw attention away from you and your energy. Think about color groupings, rather than precisely matching. Shades of blues, greens, oranges, but variations on the theme.

Click the image above for the pinterest inspiration board. Next Friday is Part 3 of What to Wear!

Adventures Beginning

We met during this shoot, and hit it off: so much so, that at her gallery design appointment, she invited me to travel with her to the other side of the world - and I accepted! I meet clients so that they can tell their story- in their home, and to future generations. Sometimes, I get to become a part of their story, and them, mine.

Shayna ImageGallery Example 1 copy.png

A picture from our trip to Israel!!:

Israel-February 10, 2019.jpg

We might have had a little fun:

What to Wear Part 1

As I see it, there are three different directions you can go in when styling your shoot:

  1. Classically breathtaking

  2. True to you

  3. Designer’s dream

Today, we’ll look at #1, Classically breathtaking. You are the art. Clothes fit the following criteria:

  • Fabric that moves.

  • Neutral colors like white, creams, beiges. Avoid patterns.

  • Timeless pieces.

If you are pursuing this look, avoid jeans, which will always communicate the current era. We are going for breezy and classic.

Click above to open Pinterest board for inspiration. Special shout out to Eliana Naomi whose gorgeously curated boards helped launch my search.

Check back next Friday for Part 2: True to You!


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